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Beem’s EMI Meter measures the harmonics and dirty electricity present in the electrical wiring of your home or space. Dirty Electricity refers to the form of electromagnetic interference that is caused when converting AC power into DC power. This form of electropollution is harmful to biological systems and also damages the functioning of your electronics and appliances. Using an EMI meter helps you understand and see what is occurring in your space, so that you may then find the correct and sufficient protection.


Measuring Devices

Measures Noise in the Power Lines, EMF Dirty Electricity (Harmonics and Transients)

  • Measures the harmonics in the line also known as Dirty Electricity in the electrical lines and wiring of your home or space
  • Covering a wide range of frequencies from 10 KHz to 10 MHz and translates these into milliVolts (mV) values
  • Use this in conjunction with a Dirty Electricity Filter to mitigate the noise in the line and clean your space
  • Recommended safe values are below 200 mV, if you suffer from ElectroHypersensitivity we recommend to keep levels below 100 mV
  • Dirty Electricity is not only harmful to your health but it affects the proper functioning of your electronics and appliances


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