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The SPIRO® DISC PRO is a semi-industrial level EMF protection system designed for the most exposed places/individuals, as well as EHS people. It is a solution able to filter multiple strong EMF sources, and both high-frequency (telecommunications) and low-frequency (alternating current) emissions that are present in certain spaces, such as a commercial stance, a high-tech office, or different stances at your smart home. This product has a 45.2 ft (13.78 m) radius action range and it is ideal to filter the emissions of various smart household appliances in the same space, an electrical or IT room, or an EV/Hybrid car. This is also a solution you can use to improve your sleep quality in severe cases, and you can also structure water with its potency. It is recommended to place the product at least at a two-meter distance from the devices whose emissions are to be filtered. Laboratory tests have shown this EMF protection system is fully compatible with electronics and wireless devices, optimizing their operation, their connectivity, and lengthening their useful life.



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